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Due to international shipping regulations we are not able to ship Microflame cylinders, or kits containing cylinders, outside the continental U.S. and parts of Canada (contact us for rates)

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 MicroFlame No.1001 - Micronox Cylinders : For use with Microflame Two-Gas Torch only. Each Micronox cylinder will last up to 15 minutes. Blister card contains two cylinders. $3.25
 MicroFlame No.1002 - Butane Gas Cylinders : For use with Microflame Two-Gas Torch only. Blister card contains two cylinders.$4.99
 MicroFlame No.1003S - Flame Tips, 20 gauge, slotted (2-pack) : Two slotted 20-gauge flame tips. Fits all miniature torches. For use with Micronox only. $3.35
 MicroFlame No.1003T - Flame Tips, 16 gauge, threaded (2-pack) : Two threaded 16-gauge flame tips. Fits all miniature torches. Slotted For use with Micronox only.$2.75
 MicroFlame No.1004B - Cylinder Gaskets : For use with your Microflame two-gas torch.$1.25
 MicroFlame No.1005T - Rotary Assembly, Threaded : Replacement rotary and taper tip tube complete. For MicroFlame Torch. Threaded $4.49
 MicroFlame No.1006B - Micronox Piercing Knob : Micronox Piercing Knob for all Model B torches. $3.49
 MicroFlame No.1007B - Butane Piercing Knob : Butane Piercing Knob for all Microflame Model B torches. $3.49
 MicroFlame No.1008 - Spark Lighter : Ignition source for all Microflame torches.$2.25
 MicroFlame No.1009 - Butane Tip, slotted (Microflame Torch) : Slotted butane tip attaches to miniature torch to permit use with butane gas only. $7.50

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